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Tr1 was French marigold and summer savory; Tr2 was ageratum and French marigold; Tr3 was French marigold, summer savory and ageratum; Tr4 was ageratum and summer savory; and cK (control) was natural grasses.
Results showed significant increments in the species percentage frequency of occurrence, population density and species numbers in the control than in the polluted habitats except Ageratum conyzoides in which the above parameters were higher in the treatment than the control.
Similar observations were made by Sujatha et a1(15) with petroleum ether extract of six plants Acorus calamus, Ageratum conyzoides, Annona squamosa, Bambusa arundanasia, Madhuca longifolia and Citrus medica against three species of mosquitoes, An.
Ageratum houstonianum is one of our many returnees.
Ageratum conyzoides, Dioscorea belophylla, and Corchorus aestuans were the important herbs in this type of forest.
But come Memorial Day, we'd make our long-anticipated annual pilgrimage to the nursery and fill the backseat of our Buick with that year's crop of annuals--flats of smiling pansies, three colors of marigolds, ageratum, petunias, and my mother's favorite, zinnias.
When we were tired, we swung in the hammock, you singing to me about the garden, stringing all the old-fashioned flower names into songs that went on and on, ageratum, bachelor's button, columbine, nasturtium, until I drifted off, wrapped in the heavy woven hammock like a chrysalis.
The whole area probably took around two days to complete from digging out to planting with ageratum, begonias and marigolds.
More perennials include: ageratum, chives, butterfly weed, daylily, gayfeather, goldenrod, hibiscus, lantana, lobelia, passion flower, phlox, sage, sedum and yarrow.
Adopting her casual yet fruitful approach then, I too have bunged compost into lots of pots and scattered lobelia, Busy Lizzie, asters, geraniums, sweet peas, blue mink ageratum and night scented stock.