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The goal of the Aggregative Contingent Estimation program is to generate accurate and timely probabilistic forecasts for geopolitical events by aggregating the judgments of many widely-dispersed analysts.
Metadata and formulary baggage such as hashtags, coupled with systematized access to data makes mobility both aggregative and analytic in nature.
com) is Citypulse's consumer-facing local discovery engine and serves as a practical, working example of Citypulse's aggregative, categorization, filtering and personalization technologies.
The smallest one is a so-called 'selfish plasmid' carrying only two genes, one of which encodes a DNA replication protein, the other carrying the aggregative adherence fimbria I (AAF/I) gene cluster, which is associated with E.
Porter endorses a view according to which the political common good is seen as an intrinsic aspect of human flourishing, thus taking a position at variance from other noted Thomists such as Finnis and Mark Murphy who view the common good as instrumental or aggregative respectively.
Finally, Spitzer provides an argument for the impossibility of infinite past time based on David Hilbert's proof of the inconsistency of postulating an actual infinity within a finite or aggregative structure.
Popular control refers not only to narrowly aggregative voting mechanisms but to a broader conception of public scrutiny, operating alongside institutional transparency.
In seven chapters, the author (1) explores the institutional factors that affect aggregation, (2) tests how aggregation occurs across a large dataset of 280 elections in 46 countries, and (3) shows how aggregative incentives shape party systems in two cases.
The rise of macroeconomics in the 1930s led to the widespread abandonment of the methodological individualism of microeconomic theorizing in favor of aggregative analysis.
The meeting while taking notice of recently made promotions in police department in which senior were neglected has expressed annoyance and said such kind of steps can further aggregative the law and order situation in the country.
coli (STEC) enterohaemolysin Atypical STEC Verocytotoxin Enteroaggregative Typical EAEC Aggregative adherence E.