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3%) from the periodontal pockets of patients with aggressive periodontitis.
The Neisseria were isolated with very low levels in aggressive periodontitis (0.
Corynebacterium matruchotii is found higher in the case of aggressive periodontitis.
Clinical and immunological findings of two siblings in a family with Generalised aggressive periodontitis.
Comparison of the clinical features of chronic and aggressive periodontitis.
Generalised aggressive periodontitis in preschoolers: Report of a case in a 3-1/2 year old.
In a case of extreme premature primary tooth loss complete blood investigations, urine analysis and gingival biopsy ruled out all the most common underlying systemic disorders leading to a diagnosis of aggressive periodontitis of unknown underlying cause.
2000] may be involved in the causation and/or progression of localized aggressive periodontitis and PLS periodontitis.
It has been suggested that prepubertal aggressive periodontitis could be an allelic variant of PLS [Hart et al.
The role of cathepsin C in Papillon-Lefevre syndrome, prepubertal periodontitis, and aggressive periodontitis.

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