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(also called concord). (1) The correspondence between the grammatical form of a noun (or the noun’s membership in a specific syntactic class) and the grammatical form of a word, generally an adjective or verb, connected with the noun in a sentence. Agreement in a grammatical category means that a change in a noun’s grammatical sense causes (although only in some cases) a change in the words connected with the noun. In Russian, agreement exists according to case (seryi volk, “gray wolf”-serogo volka, “of the gray wolf”), number (seryi volk-serye volki, “gray wolves”; volk voet, “the wolf howls”-vo/A:¡ voiut, “the wolves howl”), and gender (seryi volk-seraia sobaka, “gray dog” [feminine]; volk vyl, “the wolf hovf\ed”-sobaka vyla, “the dog howled”).

Grammatical descriptions of languages generally represent agreement as a correspondence between the grammatical meanings (or between such elements as case, number, and gender) of a noun and of the words connected with the noun. However, agreement may be defined in other ways. For example, in standard Estonian grammar, when a noun is in the comitative case the modifying adjective must be in the genitive case.

Agreement is a means of expressing a syntactic bond, which may be direct (seryi volk) or indirect (dom, v kotorom my zhivem, “the house in which we live”; sestra ushla, skazavshis’ bol’noi, “sister left, saying she was ill”). Agreement is well developed in inflected languages and, to a lesser extent, in agglutinative languages. It is absent in amorphous languages.

(2) A direct syntactic bond between the words in a phrase, expressed by means of agreement in the first meaning of the term, generally in combination with work order and intonation. An example is the bond within the word group seryi volk.



1. A meeting of minds.
2. A legally enforceable promise or promises between two or among several persons.
3. On a construction project, the document stating the essential terms of the construction contract which incorporates by reference the other contract documents.
4. The document setting forth the terms of the contract between the architect and owner or between the architect and a consultant.
5. An arrangement indicating the intent of a contract but not necessarily fulfilling all the enforceable provisions of it. Also see agreement form, contract.
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Very high percentage of respondents (71,2%) agree with the assertion that they are taught at school to come open-mindedly and autonomously to judgements and conclusions, taking into consideration facts and source of information, while 28,8% do not agree (12,2% do not agree at all, fig.
To be sure, negotiation of a DPA is an adversarial process, but ideally the goal should be for prosecutors and corporate representatives, operating in good faith, to agree on DPA provisions that achieve the government's restitution and reform-minded objectives while permitting the company to conduct business and maintain operations.
23) The Service has held that this does not result in gross income to the class members, assuming the class members did not individually agree to compensate the attorneys.
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While it still needs approval from a variety of agencies, including the Federal Aviation Administration, the City Council and the county Board of Supervisors, the agreement would end all pending lawsuits and the parties would agree to no further legal action involving the master plan.
Students were asked to evaluate their overall SL experience at the conclusion of the project by completing a survey consisting of seven statements that they rated from "strongly disagree" to "strongly agree.
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