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Not only have they all been delivered ahead of schedule, but each and every one we've fired since beginning production has performed as expected.
Commenting on the delivery, Sami Asad, Aldar's chief executive officer, said: "We were delighted to hand over this flagship store to Al Futtaim and IKEA ahead of schedule.
If anything I'm ahead of schedule so that's good news," he said.
We dedicated a full team of experts who were integral in successfully completing ahead of schedule 90 per cent of the structure work, while work on other elements are nearing completion," said Al Kooheji Constructions chief executive officer Abdul Ghaffar Abdul Rahim Al Kooheji.
Now the first milestone, to replace 691 lamp-posts ( 3% of the total ( has been reached almost a month ahead of schedule.
New Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt said tens of thousands of patients were getting treatment quicker than ever thanks to targets being met ahead of schedule.
1 -- color) Construction of a new Kaiser Permanente medical center is running ahead of schedule at Avenue S and 45th Street East.
This work was due to finish on Thursday, August 9, but was completed four days ahead of schedule thanks to the efficient working of our principal contractor, Birse Construction Limited, and our agents, WS Atkins, working in partnership with the agency.
New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Commissioner Marilyn Gelber has announced that the New York City Toilet Rebate Program - having achieved its goals substantially ahead of schedule - will cease taking new applications in mid-April.
22 /PRNewswire/ -- McDonnell Douglas today delivered, ahead of schedule for the fifth consecutive time, a C-17 Globemaster III transport to the U.
The Newcastle civil engineering company won the contract in April, after a fierce pitch against several national players, and is now nearing completion of the project ahead of schedule.