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(1) Among the Kirghiz and Altai peoples in the past, a nomadic or seminomadic settlement which usually included kinfolk of varying degrees of relationship. Among the Altai the term “ail” also referred to a separate dwelling (a yurt or a hut) with a farm.

(2) Among the Mongol peoples, a nomadic family group.

(3) In the Kirghiz SSR, a rural administrative territorial unit. Accordingly, village councils of the Kirghiz SSR are referred to as ail and village soviets of working people’s deputies.

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It was no time, however, to ask whether anything ailed him; so, possessing herself of the key after one hasty glance about the room, and repassing the prostrate Mr Brass, she rejoined the old man in safety.
Documents released by the Hutton Inquiry show that Mr Gilligan em ailed a lengthy analysis of Downing Street communications chief Alastair Campbell's evidence to the Foreign Affairs Committee (FAC) to two Tories on the committee.
It was unclear what ailed the wife, but neighbors said her health was failing due to old age.