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(1) Among the Kirghiz and Altai peoples in the past, a nomadic or seminomadic settlement which usually included kinfolk of varying degrees of relationship. Among the Altai the term “ail” also referred to a separate dwelling (a yurt or a hut) with a farm.

(2) Among the Mongol peoples, a nomadic family group.

(3) In the Kirghiz SSR, a rural administrative territorial unit. Accordingly, village councils of the Kirghiz SSR are referred to as ail and village soviets of working people’s deputies.

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Every ``inappropriate'' em ail was deleted and new internet firewalls have been put in place to prevent non work related messages from outside the force getting to officers.
We now have policies in place to prevent this kind of behaviour and all staff are now aware that anyone breaching the em ail policy will face the severest of penaltiesjessicashaughnessy@dailypost.
Following the discovery, which is currently being investigated, senior police officers began poring over the computers and em ail accounts of every staff member.
It wasn't explicitly stated that employees could not use their em ail accounts for non-Merseyside Police business but it was always explicitly stated that they could not use their accounts for grossly offensive images.
He said: ``We are very anxious that members of the organisation realise their em ail accounts must only be used for police-related business.
The em ail system went down completely and nobody was able to send them,''he said.
I recently received an em ail from a Jichen Xu from Shanghai in China who wrote in to say that he thought the programme was `wonderful'.
Unlike its successors, however, the AIL received regular injections of funding from the Carnegie Corporation of New York which enabled it to continue to function even with restricted membership.
Sources have informed JED that AIL has been "working around the edges" for the last three months, and "seriously for the last month," to get the SPO to consider its alternative to the IDECM RFCM suite.
In the recent study, Okada and his colleagues found that ail artiodactyls are not equally related to whales, as paleontologists have long maintained.
Best believes that AIL is likely to continue to produce excellent earnings in 2007, benefiting from profitable underwriting, strong rate adequacy in the property catastrophe market (despite weakening) and improved investment returns.
Key to the success of the June 18 examinations will be how well ALQ-161A developer AIL Systems addressed two problems it revealed during last February's critical design review.