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(1) (AOL Instant Messenger) America Online's instant messaging service, which supports text chat, photo sharing, online gaming and PC to PC voice. An AIM list of Instant Messenger contacts is called a "Buddy List." AIM was part of America Online and then a stand-alone service in 1997. It was discontinued at the end of 2017. See instant messaging.

(2) (Application Integration Middleware) An umbrella term for middleware software that ties applications together. See application integration, middleware and PPMW.

(3) (Association for Automatic Identification and Mobility, Warrendale, PA, The trade association for the automatic identification and data capture (AIDC) industry. Established in 1982 as a product division of the Material Handling Institute (MHI), AIM is involved in setting standards for barcodes, magnetic stripes and RFID technology. See also AIIM.

(4) (Apple IBM Motorola) The alliance of Apple, IBM and Motorola that developed the PowerPC chip. See PowerPC and Apple-IBM alliance.
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Another aimless kick saw Bedwas again take advantage and it was lock James Richards, who kicked on and regathered well to score with Jones adding the extras.
4 ( ANI ): The United States is entangled in domestic political in-fighting and its foreign policy strategies are self-contradictory, and this has led to state-run media in China to label the current administration in Washington as being narcissistic, fretful, arrogant, aimless and reckless.
In exclusive chat with reporter, ANP leader and former Minister for Environment, Wajid Ali Khan said politics of Imran Khan is of agitation and confrontation, adding that his August 7 rally against Government would face the same fate as like PTI's aimless 2014 Dharna.
Once behind, Cardiff resorted to punting aimless balls forward which were simply mopped up by the organised Bees defence, who developed an incisive habit of turning defence into attack with two or three killer passes.
Clinical signs of blindness in birds included aimless wandering, failure to find feed and water, lateral recumbency, loss of weight, and increased mortality.
Poet Laureate Billy Collins' latest collection, Aimless Love (Random House), queries religious institutions, recalls a national tragedy, and considers sandhill cranes in Nebraska.
The action drama traces the tale of an aimless youth, Rajkumar (Kapoor), who works for a drug baron.
Minus that genre billing, multihyphenate Jason Banker's semi-improvised feature might be more easily appreciated for what it is: a drug-addled slice of life set among aimless Eastern youth that finally tips into ambiguous murder-mystery terrain.
MAKING a huge effort to wipe the smile from your face is this aimless and laugh-free comedy, a sort of sequel to 2007's Knocked Up, also by writer/director Judd Apatow.
She wanders, aimless, her heart torn by those closest to her.
When will the government in Bahrain act seriously and firmly towards those so-called "religious figures", especially "Sheikh" Qassim, who is on top of the list and calls the aimless and useless youths and encourages them, after brainwashing them, of course, to attack security personnel who are here to protect citizens and maintain stability in the country.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Despite the claims by the western media that occupy wall street protests are aimless and unfocused, anti-capitalism protests are gaining vigor and have actually gone global.