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3) The air lock technique prevents leakage occurring, as the air prevents any seepage along the needle tract (4,5,3) but using the Z-track method can also have the same effect.
Options include rotary air locks for processes that require the handling of large volumes of chips and shavings and polyester spunboard media filters.
This new air lock cap can be easily installed in any existing StormFilters system and could be done as part of the annual maintenance process.
Among the options available are devices for crown cork, can and screw closing, a low oxygen system which enables nitrogen to flush out any oxygen in the container to minimise oxidisation, on outlet air lock to increase the aseptic chamber's capacity, and a data logger.
The supplier lists a six gallon Screw-Top Poly-Fermenter with faucet, air lock and stopper for about $22.
The work on Atlantis consists of 323 modifications, including preparing an air lock for use on the International Space Station, beefing up radiator panels to protect them from micrometeor hits
Moore also designed a special air lock that will be bolted onto the limestone roof to prevent any exchange of gas between the chamber and the outside air.
In operation, the waste stream enters through a conveyor system and is fed through an air lock into the main reactor.
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Maclocks, the leading brand of Apple Anti-Theft solutions, introduces the new MacBook Air Lock Bracket Kit joining our line of cutting-edge discreet bracket locks which provides MBA users with an additional and unique way to secure their super thin MacBook Air.
His room has a special air lock which meant that we couldn't go in or out to see him without a check being made for any germs we may be carrying.