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5 Cfm, Working Pressure:10 Bar, Motor Rating:1 Hp, Single Phase, Tank Capacity: 45 Ltrs, The Compressor Set Will Be Complete With Pressure Relief Valve For Safety, Pressure Control Valve, Pressure Indicator Aerodynamically Designed Fan Cooling, Belt Guard, 10 Mtr Lengtyh 1/2 Or 1/4 Pressure Pipe With Air Nozzle And Other Accessories.
The machines track body movements and then shoot low frequencies from an air nozzle to create vortices in the shape of small smoke rings.
In old aircraft, attach a small air filter (or a hygienic pad) to the air nozzle located above your passenger seat3.
The newly engineered air nozzle system combined with intelligent process management achieves the highest evaporation capacities and excellent residual shrinkage results, according to the company.
The 2" High Power Super Air Nozzle produces a flat 2" wide airstream with a blowing force of 2.
A proprietary feature is the air nozzle, which discharges air from the center of each fiber bundle at the base.
Solihull Council has given Silvent, a Swedish air nozzle technology company, a helping hand in opening and recruiting staff for a new UK sales office at Birmingham Business Park.
Optional features include an optical pyrometer to monitor product temperature, product break sensing to shift power down if the line brakes and an air nozzle kit to provide forced air inside the heating chamber to increase efficiencies in curing and drying.
Providing precision blowoff with a directed high-volume, high-velocity airflow, the Micro Air Nozzle projects less than one inch past the mounting surface, which permits installation where space is limited.
Units are ideal for blowing heavy materials or for applications where the air nozzle can't be mounted close to the surface to be blown off, dried or cooled.
The Series 171 QuikSpray System for two-component coatings, from TAH Industries, consists of a disposable static mixer, an air nozzle, and a "quick-connect" attachment.
Instead of using a pair of opposing air blasts from air nozzles to impart structural integrity to the yarn mass against as previously used by MJS, a unique guide called a spindle, a needle holder and a single air nozzle is used.