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air plant:

see epiphyteepiphyte
or air plant,
any plant that does not normally root in the soil but grows upon another living plant while remaining independent of it except for support (thus differing from a parasite).
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Air plants should be positioned in bright areas that do not receive direct sunlight with good air flow to allow them to capture nutrients from the atmosphere.
Prices range from as little as $3 for an air plant to $5,000 for outdoor furniture, Jacobson said.
AIR WE GO Tillandsia, commonly known as air plants, come from Southern and Central America where some 500 varieties grow in mountains, deserts and rainforests.
These handsome, mostly tropical air plants attach themselves to tree trunks.
Air plants, or tillandsias, are extremely popular for their unique look and reputation for low maintenance care.
Between the deck and my kitchen, I have a dozen varieties of succulents, a 15-year-old geranium, a pitcher plant, some orchids, two spider plants, and some air plants and staghorn ferns scattered around.
Plant a variety of small plants, air plants, succulents, or herbs in the soil, and cover the soil surface with small pieces of gravel, shells, sand, or preserved mosses.
Compressed air plants draw power from the electric grid during off-peak periods and use it to power large air compressors that push pressurized air into underground geologic storage.
The jewelry is assembled with air plants and sold at Seed to Stem, 174 Shrewsbury St.
The Netherlands also offered Pakistan power-generating air plants without any cost but the government refused and resultantly the Netherlands shifted these plants to an African country.
Vivaterra's Recycled Glass Terrarium comes with sand and four air plants to assemble a miniature desert landscape, $79, vivaterra.
Known as air plants, these absorb all their nutrients and water directly through their leaves.