air report

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air report (AIREP)

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Air report (AIREP).
A report from an aircraft in flight prepared in conformity with requirements for position reporting and operational and meteorological reporting. The format of the report is indicated in the illustration. Also called an in-flight report.
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The AIR report recommends that legislators and regulators look for new solutions to rate spikes linked to the insurance cycle: "As with its predecessors, the most recent insurance 'crisis' had absolutely nothing to do with the U.
According to the Quality of Air report, however, industrial emissions in the metropolitan region, mainly of sulfur dioxide and particulate matter, are beginning to come under control.
The American Lung Association's annual State of the Air report said the metropolitan area encompassing Los Angeles, Long Beach and Riverside - home to 17 million residents - has the country's worst particulate-matter pollution.
Ironically, ALAs State of the Air report was released during the Trump administrations ongoing assault on the Clean Air Act, the EPA, and recent clean air rules that are responsible for the long-term improvement in Americas air quality and safeguarding millions of families from the worst impacts of fossil fuel pollution.
Wildman said he was going to push for the release of the classroom air report immediately, and possibly add it to the items investigated by the state auditor.
The International issues as well as the situation in the region, including the developments in Afghanistan figured prominently during the discussions," the AIR report noted.
EVA Air reports it plans to use the SuperLink China Direct road feeder services provided by Hactl subsidiary, Hacis, to extend its catchment to include the Pearl River Delta (PRD) region.
M2 EQUITYBITES-December 20, 2017-Tech Air reports 23rd Add-on acquisition to establish presence in Northern California
These teams will air reports both in Urdu and Sindhi languages from the flood-hit areas and highlight the sufferings as well as government efforts to provide relief to the people.
The Birmingham Post-Herald exam-ined EPA's 2002 National Air Toxics Assessment and Toxics Release Inventory, the most comprehensive air reports, and talked with air experts and industry experts about what is in our air.
Sealed Air reports that Xenith film shrinks at significantly lower temperatures than other films so that heat-sensitive products can be wrapped with less chance of damage and utility bills may be reduced.
DONNA Air reports in Heat magazine that she was duped into stripping off at an audition so she could be checked for birthmarks.