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With the progress of scramjet research, various air-breathing hypersonic vehicles are bound to gradually enter the practical stage.
In November 2011, MEADS performed a simulated intercept of an air-breathing target.
The aim of creating a spaceplane, or Single Stage To Orbit vehicle (SSTO), has been made more feasible by the successful test of the SABRE air-breathing rocket engine from Reaction Engines.
The United Arab Emirates were the first international customer to acquire an upper-tier and lower-tier system in the form of the Thaads and Patriot, the former dealing with ballistic missiles only, while the latter engages air-breathing targets as well as tactical ballistic missiles.
These values were within the ranges determined for blood Hb concentration and Hct of other air-breathing fishes (Table I).
They discuss designing for survivability (stealth), solar and human-powered aircraft systems, and high altitude flight with air-breathing propulsion.
The successful transplantation of a bioengineered lung in an air-breathing mammal implies that our approach may result in the de novo generation of either lobes or whole lungs.
Harvard Medical School's Dr Harald Ott wrote: "The successful transplantation of a bioengineered lung in an air-breathing mammal implies our approach may result in the generation of lungs in the future for use in humans.
Among these early air-breathing fish were the lineage of the tarpon and the gar.
I don't know which dictionary Mr Fletcher uses, but in my dictionary an insect is defined as "any of a class of small air-breathing arthropod with a body divided into head, thorax and abdomen, three pairs of legs and (in most cases) two pairs of wings".
Petroleum; POL; power; lines of communication; conduct simultaneous, precise, time-sensitive targeting on emerging targets; to strike fielded forces; to strike command centers; to strike key leadership; to be able to interdict the movement of troops and supplies; to be able to provide close air support all the while conducting inter and intratheater lift and refueling and maintaining that global vigilance from orbit and from air-breathing systems.
All the while, the competitors had to wear their "full bunker gear," including an air-breathing apparatus.