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Airborne Force


troops (units of all sizes) transported to the enemy rear by air to carry on combat operations. De-pending on the combat missions assigned, the fighting strength, and the depth of the drop, the airborne force may be tactical, operational, or strategic. Tactical airborne forces ordinarily employ motorized rifle subunits and units landed in the enemy rear from helicopters to assist advancing troops in breaking through the defense, destroying tactical nuclear weapons and control posts, capturing and holding bridges and crossings, and performing other missions. Operational and strategic airborne forces consist of airborne units of various sizes, sometimes including motorized rifle troops in their composition. They are landed in the enemy zone of the interior to take important military and economic regions, create chaos in state and military control, and destroy means of nuclear attack and very important military objectives.

By the various methods of landing, airborne may be classified as parachute, landing, and combined (parachute-landing). In a parachute landing all personnel, combat materiel, armament, and supplies are dropped on parachutes and multicanopy parachute systems. The party may be dropped at any place, day or night, right on an object or near it. The members of the airborne force deliver fire on the enemy while in the air. The airborne landing force is un-loaded from aircraft that land at captured airfields or air-strips in the enemy rear. In the combined landing, personnel and light weaponry are dropped on parachutes, whereas the heavy combat matériel and teams (crews) for it are un-loaded from aircraft at airfields captured by the parachutists.


airborne force

A force composed primarily of ground and air units organized, equipped, and trained for airborne operations. Airborne forces can be employed in both air-dropped and airlanded operations.
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The IRGC in February 2016 set up and started equipping its Airborne Force upon an order from Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei.
An airborne force gains no advantage by attempting to establish multiple ISB mission command nodes.
As a result, we must continue to foster relationships and train with the airborne forces of our multi-national partners, who are typically the rapid response forces of their respective nations, in full recognition of the likelihood of operating side-by-side should our countries choose to act in concert against future threats.
Lieutenant Commander of the IRGC Ground Force General Abdollah Araqi confirmed in February that the IRGC has set up and is equipping its Airborne Force upon an order from Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei.
That's what we should be doing," Salami said Monday, addressing a ceremony attended by the IRGC Navy commanders and pilots of the IRGC Navy's Airborne Force in the Northern province of Gilan.
TEHRAN (FNA)- The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) has set up and is equipping its Airborne Force upon an order from Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei.
For years, his grave was marked with a tiny wooden stake - until Lachlan MacNeil and a group of ex-paras from the Airborne Forces Association Scotland found it.
It is worth noting that the attack occurred at a time when [Razvozzhayev] was explaining why the Airborne Forces are called 'elite' troops," NTV stated in a report on the incident.
We will also be raising funds for our supporting charities including Airborne Forces Security Fund, SSAFA and Bedworth Parachute Regiment Charity.
Commander of 16 Air Assault Brigade, Brigadier Colin Weir said: British Airborne Forces possess unique qualities.
In light of the military cooperation between Russia and Egypt, Russian airborne forces units will participate in joint Egyptian-Russian drills to combat terrorism.
Earlier, the airborne forces at Arnhem - including officers and men of the 2nd South Staffords (also part of the Staffordshire Regiment) - flew in aboard 392 Horsas accompanied by 14 Hamilcars, a larger glider strong enough to carry a seven-ton | Sean Connery (above) and Robert Redford in A Bridge Too Far tank or bulldozer.

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