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Using flow designing fluid simulation software Solidworks Flow Simulation flow analysis of symmetrical and asymmetrical profile blades at different airflow velocities was performed.
The test object is instrumented with a sensitive balance to measure the forces generated by airflow; or, the airflow may have smoke or other substances injected to make the flow lines around the object visible.
An accurate estimate of the airflow rates within a building is necessary when determining energy use and indoor air quality and for detecting contaminants.
Since results from the real building and the synthetic building indicated that the building's airflow dynamics are largely HVAC dominated, these newly formed macro-zones were compared to the room air change rates calculated from the HVAC airflows measured by Sae Kow (2010).
Total AHU airflows were measured and corrected first, then locations of incorrect simulated airflow directions were mapped.
The Teflon airflow distributor allows the container to run in contact with the surface and this can be customised to suit the line speed and container, in order to achieve maximum cleaning.
Understand Airflow Requirements for Specific Equipment: There are four basic airflow scenarios: front-to-back, side-to-side, bottom-to-top, and top-to-bottom.
In general, airflow can be analyzed using three types of methods: experimental, theoretical, and numerical simulation.
To see if airflow affects perception of either odorant class, Sobel and his colleagues asked Stanford undergraduates to sniff a mix of two compounds and estimate their ratio.
Cartridge collectors that use shaking as a cleaning mechanism are available for relatively low airflows - 500 to 3,000 cfm.
Phoenix Controls Corporation, a Honeywell International business, today announced the introduction of a new family of precision airflow control products designed specifically for the HVAC needs of Healthcare facilities.