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In one corner of the Airglow building (currently being used as the Electronics lab) is a computer connected to a VLF (Very Low Frequency) antenna outside.
29 S-310 is the first domestic rocket aimed at conducting a comprehensive observation of airglow.
Airglow can be produced by a variety of known sources, including cosmic rays striking the upper atmosphere and chemical reactions.
Even light from the auroras or airglow (the natural nighttime glow caused by radiation from the upper atmosphere) will generate brilliantly detailed views of water, ice floes and weather patterns.
He assigns a number to the quality of sky visible--1 being an excellent dark sky with Zodiacal Band and Airglow apparent, magnitude 7-8 visible with the naked eye and the Milky Way casting shadows.
Washington, July 15 (ANI): An airglow signature in the upper atmosphere produced by a tsunami has been recorded for the first time ever by University of Illinois scientists using a camera system based in Maui, Hawaii.
The TIP photometers are among the highest sensitivity FUV airglow sensors ever flown.
Masaaki Huruhata born; a Japanese astronomer; Director of the Tokyo Astronomical Observatory; did work on meteors, variable stars, photoelectric photometry of the zodiacal light and airglow.
The Special Sensor Ultraviolet Limb Imager (SSULI) is an Earth limb-imaging spectrograph that will measure high-altitude ionospheric and thermospheric airglow profiles in the far- and extreme-ultraviolet wavelengths.
In 2001, SRI led a team that made the first observation of visible light emitted by oxygen atoms in the night airglow of Venus, offering new insight into the planet's atmosphere.
In the IGY many groups of amateurs worked on observations of the upper atmosphere (aurora, increased airglow and NLC).
From West Germany comes an Airglow Solar Spectrometer, a multipurpose device to measure solar radiation reflected from the earth's surface and clouds; radiation of solar, interplanetary and intergalactic origin that reaches the satellite directly; and the equatorial day and night airglow (observable light that originates in the high atmosphere and is associated with photochemical reactions of gases).