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Using options tied to JETS, investors have additional opportunities to gain exposure to the airline industry with a smaller capital requirement.
Mergers, joint ventures, and other strategic alliances are slowly becoming the norm for airline industry participants, who are focusing on cost cutting and excess capacity reduction in order to combat rising fuel prices and recession.
Peter Belobaba, Program Manager of MIT's Global Airline Industry Program said: "Because a full understanding of how the airline industry operates cannot materialize on the MIT campus alone, interaction with industry players is vital.
The airline industry has laid off more than 100,000 employees and trimmed routes since the Sept.
The US airline industry is taking stock of US Airways Group's $8 billion takeover bid for bankrupt Delta Air Lines, a deal that would reshape the landscape of the world's largest commercial aviation market but must overcome significant hurdles before coming to fruition.
Kyser, the economist, said the airline industry faces a long road to recovery.
Two key factors for airports to monitor in 2007 are the reauthorization process for the FAA and the possibility for consolidation in the domestic airline industry.
The consolidation of the airline industry represents a threat to competition and consumer interests, the American Society of Travel Agents argued in a recent filing before the Department of Transportation.
As the airline industry begins to stabilize, there is a greater appetite by the airlines to focus on improving the airline experience and its product offerings," said Chet Gray, ASBTA Vice President.
The global airline industry is predicted to record a total loss of USD5.
However, Birch noted that "the Asia/Pacific is the most profitable region for the global airline industry with IATA projecting 2006 net profits of $1.
The painstaking work that the NTSB does should not be taken lightly, especially by the airline industry.

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