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The process of modifying an existing building or space for current use; usually involves replacing some of the existing building fabric or adding new components.


1. A construction project (or portion of a project) comprising revisions within or to prescribed elements of an existing structure, as distinct from additions to an existing structure.
2. Remodeling.
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In this novel mechanism of airway remodeling in asthma patients, IL-13 acts in combination with other mediators produced by cells in the airways: transforming growth factor-B1 (TGF-B1), which causes cellular changes, and matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs), which act to break down proteins," she added.
Disproportionate decreases in diffusing capacity, which have also been suggested to be typical of RBILD, (3) may be useful as a guide to diagnosis, but only if the patient does not have significant emphysema or small airway remodeling because both of these lesions are well recognized causes of decreases in diffusing capacity.
Those molecules control collagen deposition, and a correct ratio of them is needed to prevent airway remodeling.
Our study also suggested the promising action of 20mM NAC on the alleviation of airway remodeling due to direct inhibition of ASMC proliferation.
The airway remodeling processes induced by chronic inflammation are thought to differ between asthma and COPD patients.
According to researchers, by slowing airway remodeling, the decline in breathing that leaves many asthmatics even more vulnerable when they suffer an asthma attack can be prevented.
Decades of airway remodeling due to chronic inflammation lessen the likelihood of successful treatment.
And although the jury is still out on whether as-needed inhaled corticosteroids (ICS) positively affect airway remodeling, there is likewise little firm evidence that daily use is any more effective.
The fusion protein also inhibits neutrophil elastase, mast cell chymase and tryptase, and thrombin, all of which may be involved in airway remodeling in asthma.
Airway remodeling occurs when the cells or muscles that line the airway become inflamed and can result in decreased lung function.
Skiers also had a marker of an active process of airway remodeling (Am.
Levels of circulating YKL-40 were measured across all cohorts, and findings were correlated with asthma severity, airway expression of the molecule and parameters of airway remodeling.

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