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Removal of arsenic by sorption has been studied on hydrated cement, marble powder and brick powder [5], akaganeite decorated graphene oxide composite [6], bagasse fly ash-iron coated and sponge iron char [7], leonardite char [8], raw and acidified laterite [9], blue pine (Pinus wallichiana) and walnut (Juglans regia) [10], immobilized rice husk [11], iron coated rice husk [12], sorghum biomass [13], iron oxide-coated cement [14], iron hydroxide coated alumina [15] and red mud [16].
X-ray diffraction results identified the akaganeite and magnetite phases in the corrosion product of samples submitted for 1000 h of reference accelerated testing.
Iron oxide dissolved in the mine's water then precipitates on the filaments to form a type of crystal called akaganeite.
Corrosion of Fe-Ni alloys by Cl-containing akaganeite ([gamma]-Fe00H): The Antarctic meteorite case.
Relationship to other species: probably related to akaganeite and hollandite.
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