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In addition, under high pressure and temperature conditions, the alclad layers between upper and lower sheets can be bonded as well.
In order to check the feasibility of the FSC process for joining alclad AA2024-T3 sheets, the effects of each important processing parameter on the failure load, failure mode and fatigue life of FSC joints should be carefully examined.
Then the admissible processing parameters for FSC joints in alclad AA2024-T3 sheets will be obtained.
The other fatigue crack (crack 2) emanates from the left original crack tip and grows along the alclad layer.
Under these processing parameters, the average failure loads of FSC joints in lap-shear and cross-tension specimens of alclad AA2024-T3 sheets are 7523 N and 4220 N, respectively.
Microstructures and mechanical properties of friction spot welded Alclad 7B04-T74 aluminium alloy," Sci.