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Developers can turn algorithms into scalable web services with a single click.
With A* algorithm all routers in one topology area should share all of the network information, like in OSPF or IS-IS that use SPF algorithm.
If hackers find out the secret seed, they can generate the entire output sequence instantly by using the same algorithm.
Testing involves a combination of three methods: 1) The use of calibrated samples, 2) the use of a repeatability analysis on actual spot-welds, and 3) performance evaluation of the fitting algorithms used in the device.
Indeed, experts who have carefully studied the Agrawal-Kayal-Saxena algorithm have already made improvements.
Catalytic shortens the development time for signal processing algorithms through a family of software products that accelerate MATLAB execution and automatically synthesize C from MATLAB.
His algorithm involved the use of quantum-mechanical operations to factor whole numbers (SN: 5/14/94, p.
The time saved in quantization was used to concentrate on the algorithms themselves.
In one approach, we use a connection-admission control (CAC) algorithm.
The goal is to make an algorithm efficient so it can show realistic motions over a reasonable span of time," says Leimkuhler.
NEW YORK -- Instinet, a global agency broker, today launched Wizard PRO (Portfolio Risk Optimizer), a new implementation shortfall algorithm that optimizes a portfolio's trading schedule based on the correlations and natural hedges that exist among the component stocks.