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A broad walk, planted with trees on either side, usually at least twice as high as the width of the walk.
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Allee Bleue, a 12-1 chance, travelled well before failing to come up the hill, eventually returning a 27-length fifth to Flying Angel.
Focused on combining art within everyday life, Allee des Arts gets its name from the pedestrian alley of art galleries and boutiques which will exist on the ground floor with residential and business space above.
Cette Allee monumentale est tres celebre pour les touristes.
EuroHypo AG financed the construction loan for Schonhauser Allee 55.
17 in Havana by Pedro Alvarez, chairman of the Cuban state food purchasing agency Alimport, and by Donald Allee, executive director and CEO of the Port of Gulfport.
Second, some investigators hope that if ocular chlamydia is reduced to a low enough level, the disease will have difficulty repopulating the community (population biologists call such a prevalence threshold an Allee effect [16]).
The tulip poplars originally formed a double allee leading up to the Capitol, but many have died of old age.
Daniel Libeskind's competition-winning proposals for Berlin's Landsberger Allee introduce a reviving mix of urban textures and functions to a neglected city quarter.
Allee and Alfred Edwards Emerson, of the University of Chicago's Zoology Department, developed theories of animal ecology which postulated and then established the animal community as the basic unit of ecological action and evolution, gave animals agency to shape their environments, and made cooperation a major principle of evolution.
PHOTO : Under rose trellis and between flower borders, Monet pauses in Giverny's Grande Allee
LEAVE the bookies feeling 'Bleue' with ALLEE BLEUE in the Close Brothers Imperial Cup (3.