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A positive allometry of all body relationships observed in both sexes and sexual phases reflects the decreasing growth rate of these morphological characters in relation to CL.
In addition, the allometry in gape dimensions (RW4) indicates that larger fish exhibit gape expansion during growth, relative to smaller fish.
This positive allometry is easy to comprehend since roads usually have to be constructed prior to the development of new residential communities.
Population analysis of horse mussels of the inner Bay of Fundy based on estimated age, valve allometry and biomass.
irenae web allometry by quantifying the developmental modification of the orb web into a ladder, pose a behavioral explanation for such an allometric shift, and deduce its ecological implications.
Allometry and the analysis of size and shape in human evolution.
Ontogenetic allometry and body composition of harbour porpoises (Phocoena phocoena, L.
Mahmood, with the US Food and Drug Administration, draws on the principles of allometry, the study of size and its consequences, to construct a conceptual basis for pharmacokinetic interspecies scaling.
She has a PhD in Anatomy from the University of London, and her general interests are in functional anatomy, comparative morphology and allometry, and the broader issues of evolutionary theory, life history and the evolution of the brain and cognition.
The allometry of density within the space used by populations of mammalian Carnivora.