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alure, allure, alur

alure A
A gallery or passage, as along the parapets of a castle, around the roof of a church, or along a cloister.
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Purposely drenched in alluringly loaded verbiage, the Earth Charter aims to create support for empowering the UN as a world government, while promoting neo-paganism as the new world religion.
The pack design departs from the McCain black background we're used to, and the product visual looks alluringly crispy and crunchy.
Both geographically and culturally, it was more aligned with Asia than Europe, and, in the days before commonplace passenger flights and television, it seemed alluringly remote and exotic to a refugee from Nazi Germany.
A GODDESS with "bewitching, almond shape eyes" wearing "the skimpiest bikini she could find" rises from the Caribbean and steps alluringly onto a sun-kissed beach.
Wang also brings in much relevant social and cultural history along the way, and concludes by pointing to a number of interesting affinities between late Qing novels and contemporary Chinese fiction of the 1980s and 1990s, such as motifs connected with chivalry, exposes of the wealthy and powerful, alluringly illicit infatuations, and futuristic fantasy.
Halfway up, reached by steel walkways and steps, are the remains of a mural depicting alluringly full-bosomed ladies of the Court.
Note how the rich, dark wood gleams alluringly, and the scrolling adds frivolity and glamour.
The city is literary and historical, sweet and sour, and alluringly unpredictable.
I'd probably scowled at them rather then gazed alluringly.
The result is curious: a narrative that throbs alluringly with what its minor characters (if not its major ones) consider to be sin, but whose temperature rests stubbornly at lukewarm.
While tempted by the cod and chorizo salad - the combination seemed an alluringly unusual one - I could not resist the marinated paprika and lime chicken with chorizo, new potatoes, salsa & rocket (PS10.