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His mother, Almena Davis Lomax, was a pioneering journalist who would go on to earn national accolades for her groundbreaking coverage of the civil rights movement.
In 2012, CN spent US$35 million to restore a 40-mile segment of the Barron subdivision between Ladysmith and Almena, Wis.
She and her friend Almena "were placed on the colored women's ward.
The work with this article was partly carried out during a visit to the University of Almena, supported by the Liegrits network.
And for lovers of rioja, the Almena blend of tempranillo, mazuelo, is also reduction, a Morrisons have the popular Aussie pair, 53 Shiraz and Hardy's Chardonnay both on sale at from pounds 7.
Also check out Somerfield's mature, soft red Almena Real Rioja Reserva (half price at pounds 5.
Musical theatre in the chart above includes The Beggar's Opera, The Jovial Crew, Love in a Village, The Maid of the Mill and Summer's Tale as ballad or pasticcio operas; Comus and Alfred as masques; The Capricious Lovers (aka Amintas), Almena, Pharnaces, Midas and Artaxerxes as operas and all Lenten oratarios.
It all comes back,' said commuter Pilar Almena, a 48-year-old chef.
With the assistance from the RUS broadband loan program, RTSC and Nex-Tech have overcome this enormous cost and are providing FTTH to two Southwestern Bell communities: Norton and Almena, Kan.
The classes are more comprehensive then I've ever found elsewhere," said Jacqueline Almena, a property manager at Phipps House, who has 15 years of experience in the business.
One such case occurred in Middlebury, Vermont, in 1823, when Almena Hall petitioned the Vermont Supreme Court for a divorce and alimony from her husband Elias.
Almena made the logo design and determined how it would be used as part of his senior class project.