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1. (in the European Alps) an area of pasture above the valley bottom but below the mountain peaks
2. a high mountain


A list processing extension of Mercury Autocode.

["ALP, An Autocode List-Processing Language", D.C. Cooper et al, Computer J 5:28-31, 1962].
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The ALP was only deployed at one of these incidents.
On Friday, 13 ALP personnel were killed in a similar incident in the neighboring Andar district in the province 125 km South of capital Kabul.
The ALP is often accused of thuggery and operating outside the law, and its reputation was further damaged by an attack on December 24 when an officer shot dead five of his colleagues.
coli ALP are not widely reported in literature, we wanted to carry out a detailed in vitro study looking at how [Hg.
However, the claims of continuity that Labor's Conflict makes about the working class and the ALP suggest several considerations that point to unanswered questions.
Washington, November 6 (ANI): A group of German and Swiss geoscientists are on the verge of proving that the Alps are growing just as quickly in height, as they are shrinking.
Serum ALP activity was 3052 U/L (reference interval for adults, 117-356 U/L) with 91% bone-type ALP.
Whether A's assets transferred to ALP must be recaptured into her estate for estate tax purposes depends on the application of Sec.
It usually takes three times of telling Alp to do something before he does it.
The formal structure of the ALP does embody this basic conception of broad participation.
More importantly, it convinced us and the manufacturing folks that ALP could be an effective tool for addressing other operating problems.
Bone remodeling leads to release of skeletal ALP from osteoblasts and, hence, to increased total ALP activity in serum (1).