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see alphornalphorn
or alpenhorn
[Ger.,=Alps horn], wooden horn from 3 ft to 12 ft (91 cm–3.7 m) long, sometimes curved slightly, with conical bore and a cup-shaped mouthpiece.
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As much as this episode can be read as a "subversive carnivalesque mocking of masculinity," (12) it seems equally critical of the kind of nationalistic pageantry that had earlier been associated with the Berlin Games of 1936 and was thought to have been absent from the supposedly more "restrained" Munich Games, despite the fact that the latter's opening ceremony was announced by a blast of alpenhorns and brought to a close with a Bollerschutzen ("a traditional Bavarian gun salute of three rounds from 20 guns").
We tend to favour guitars over Alpenhorns and Mongolian nose flutes.
On board, the people were handed glasses of white wine and entertained by music from accordians and alpenhorns.
There are gardens at one end and, as we arrived, the sound of two alpenhorns playing in duo came across.