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see alphornalphorn
or alpenhorn
[Ger.,=Alps horn], wooden horn from 3 ft to 12 ft (91 cm–3.7 m) long, sometimes curved slightly, with conical bore and a cup-shaped mouthpiece.
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But consider what awaited those of us making the trip in reverse: In the departure area, against a backdrop of Alpine scenery and Swiss and American flags, an oompah band serenaded us with relentlessly upbeat music, often accompanied by that incredibly long, traditional wooden alphorn.
In keeping with the passion he manifests for all talk relating to yodelling and alphorns, he is excited to learn that in researching this piece I saw a YouTube clip of a performance of Mack the Knife by famed 'funky' alphorn musician Eliana Burki during a gig in Hong Kong.
Performances on this roistering night include choir singing by the whole ensemble, voice duos and trios, ensemble singing by the newly-formed Geneva ladies yodelling club, instrumentals by guests from the Swiss-German part of the country, the Baeremutze quartet (of bass and accordions)--and an alphorn solo by Wanner himself.
He also shows me a Swiss-made hydrocarbon-reinforced plastic alphorn that can be disassembled and fit into a handy carrier bag.
Along with chocolate, gold, watches, alphorns and yodelling, there is the common preconception of the Swiss themselves as a nation of precise but dull bankers and insurance salesman.
15 Aug "Alphorn concert" with 18 alphorns at the Bergstation Diavolezza, Tel.
7 Aug "Open-air Concert" with local folklore clubs and bands, flag thrower and an alphorn blower, Tel.
Apres a hard day's sledding, there's a fine fondue at Cafe du Monragnard at Chamby (021/964 3684 or 079/213 6832) - a timeless chalet the Odermatt family have run for years, complete with alphorns and friendly (foreign) waiters decked in Swiss costumes.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- With the curious theme "Also blus das Alphorn heut" (And so the alphorn blew today), the 10th edition of Musikfest Berlin took place between Sept.
And variations on the traditional orchestral horn appeared: the natural horn (without modern valves to change the notes), the Post-horn and the Alphorn, with works both historical and contemporary written for them.