alpine plants

alpine plants,

high-altitude representatives of various flowering plants (chiefly perennials) that because of their dwarf habit, profuse blooming, and the preference of many for shady places are cultivated in alpine and rock gardensrock garden,
garden planned around natural rock formations or rocks artificially arranged to simulate natural (often mountainous) conditions. The concept of rock gardens is believed to have been introduced from China and Japan into the Western world in the 17th cent.
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. Some species require specially constructed gardens duplicating mountain terrain, including systems for supplying cool water underground, comparable to the melting snows of their natural habitat. Others thrive without special care in favorable conditions (e.g., cool climate, short growing season, and alkaline, rocky soil). Alpine species of gentians, saxifrages, and stonecrops are among those most commonly planted. Many garden plants (e.g., roses, irises, and primroses) have alpine representatives. The edelweissedelweiss
, perennial aster plant (genus Leontopodium) found at high altitudes in the mountains of Europe, Asia, and South America. It is about 6 in. (15.2 cm) tall with woolly-white floral leaves and small heads of yellow disk flowers surrounded by silvery bracts.
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 is a popular alpine.
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However, woolly or hairy-leaved alpine plants may also need the additional protection of a cloche or sheet of polycarbonate suspended above the plant with wire pegs.
Taking us off for a scramble through the screes (rocky debris)of Twll Du,The Devils Kitchen, we would search for arctic alpine plants, the mountain flowers that are the remnants of the glacial era.
Mr and Mrs Armitage from Almondbury have been developing a small rockery on a south-facing slope in their garden and would like to know where they can buy good alpine plants.
One is filled with gritty, well-draining soil and planted for spring colour with miniature, ground-hugging alpine plants and small bulbs, such as miniature tulips, narcissi and fritillaries.
THE recent run of warm spring weather has inevitably been replaced with another cold, wintry snap, soit's a good time now to check out your alpine plants and replace any which have been caught by the frost.
Look for authentic stone features like millstones that can be converted to water features and stone troughs, which make ideal planters for tiny alpine plants.
Aughton and Ormskirk Gardening Society, talk, Alpine Plants by Brian Russ, Village Hall, Winifred Lane, Aughton, 8pm.
Fill gaps with dwarf alpine plants such as saxifrage.
TO break up the large expanse of lawn, Carole Ann decided to create a kidney-shaped island bed, which sheOs planted with low-growing alpine plants and conifers.
One of their main objections was the loss of 20pc of an area which is home to rare alpine plants such as spring gentian ( found on the UK mainland only in Teesdale ( mountain pansy and yellow marsh saxifrage.
HAND pick weeds growing between alpine plants and top dress the bare soil with sharp grit.
Some seeds need a severe chill to break their dormancy, including most alpine plants, so sow them in pots outdoors now.