alternative energy

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alternative energy

a form of energy derived from a natural source, such as the sun, wind, tides, or waves

Alternative energy

The energy from a source other than conventional fossil-fuel sources, e.g., oil, natural gas, and coal, such as wind, running water, the sun, geothermal, or biomass. Also referred to as alternative fuel.
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Asif Jah, Convener, REAP Expo said that countrys natural resources are depleting and with the rapid increase of population and commercial activities, it is required to adopt energy efficient methods and alternative energy equipments provides easy and cost effective solution of our all energy related issues.
LED lighting is now recognised as being the most efficient, practical and cost effective form of lighting which could save millions, while replacing outdated lamps with green technology," said Christopher Nightingale, chairman of Alternative Energy.
Alternative Energy Industry Assessments Alternative Energy Industry Structure Alternative Energy Industry Production and Demand Major Producer Facility Market Share of Key Producers Major Foreign Investments Potential Entrants Technology Development
By and large, Americans in general are interested in developing alternative energy resources for environmental, economic and national security reasons.
We take you around the Wind Weather and Solar alternative energy site and show you all of the components that go into creating a complete alternative energy system.
Probably two factors: many investors are still unsure of the viability of Alternative Energy stocks as investment vehicles; and the price of oil is still low enough as to prevent any mad rush into alternative forms of energy.
The ministry for alternative energy should be created to lay down the policy for alternate energy and prepare a vision document for the next 25 years", he noted.
Alternative Energy Partners' CEO Jack Stapleton said, "We are excited about acquiring Sunarias as part of our commitment to meet the growing demand worldwide in the alternative energy sector.
With large amounts of government underwriting available for alternative energy development, we will work to help qualifying businesses expand into this space," said Kathleen Delaney, Chairman and CEO of National Wind Solutions.
It is an exciting time for alternative energy with market dislocation likely and heavy competition for investment" said Jeffrey Culpepper, vice-chairman of the investment banking department in the EMEA region and head of the investment banking department for Credit Suisse in the MENA region.
Our investments in alternative energy sources include solar, wind, biofuels, carbon capture and storage," said Cox, who's here to attend the second edition of the World Future Energy Summit.
For its part, the University at Buffalo is offering courses in environmental studies and alternative energy systems that provide students with new core knowledge and energy-industry-specific competencies for assessing energy efficiency and environmental impact in the workplace.

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