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see mallowmallow,
common name for members of the Malvaceae, a family of herbs and shrubs distributed over most of the world and especially abundant in the American tropics. Tropical species sometimes grow as small trees.
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a genus of herbaceous plants of the mallow family. Within the Eurasian temperate zone there are about 12 species, eight of which are found in the USSR. The most important species is Althaea officinalis (the marshmallow), a plant with axillar blossoms, growing in both Europe and Asia; in the USSR it is found in the steppe and forest steppe zones of the European part of the country, in Siberia, in Kazakhstan, and in some districts of Middle Asia. The plant grows along river and lake banks, in solonetzic meadows, in brush, and less often on wasteland. The marshmallow is cultivated in the Ukraine and the Krasnodar Krai. The dried roots of this plant are used medicinally in the form of a powder, infusion, or syrup, as an emollient, expectorant, antipyretic, and unguent, mainly in connection with respiratory diseases. Preparations of the marshmallow are sometimes used to treat inflammations of the urinary tract.


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Althaea continues to unravel the nature of dreams: "He shall not pray to dream sweet things to-night, / Having dreamt once more bitter things than death" (ll.
Here, Althaea speaks once more to the notion that love is renewed pain.
00 (Water (and) water (and) linum usitatissi mum (linseed) seed extract (and) xanthan gum (and) althaea officinalis root extract (and) prunus amygdalus dulcis (sweet almond) fruit extract (U.
The plays' interest in dominating and sometimes raging women - Althaea, Dido, Phaedra - has occasioned some speculation on Gager as a misogynist, especially since some of his notebook poetry seems to attest to Platonic homosexuality (I.
It includes Althaea, Baptista and Vermeiren chocolates from Belgium, and Leo Saatvik chocolates from the UK.
Swinburne's Queen Althaea kills her own son out of her sado-masochistic desire to punish him for falling in love with Atalanta and for causing the death of her brothers.
16) Some of Swinburne's most memorable and fully realized characters are classical female figures, such as Sappho, Althaea, and Praxithea.
There are 60 species but the main garden favourite, thought to have some rust resistance, is Alcea rosea , also known as Althaea rosea, with flowers of purple, pink, red, white or yellow on long stems.
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