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Gastric adenocarcinoma metastases to the alveolar mucosa of the mandible: A case report and review of the literature.
A 35-year-old Turkish female presented with a 1-year history of a well-delineated asymptomatic mobile mass on the lingual alveolar mucosa of the right mandibular molar region.
2) In the dentulous patients, metastasis occurs in the gingiva and in edentulous patients, it occurs in between the tongue and alveolar mucosa.
Alveolar mucosa attached along alveolar ridge measured 3 x 1 cm in diameter.
It cannot be a second primary of peripheral type of Ameloblastoma which arises only in gingiva or alveolar mucosa.
The vast majority of these so-called sanguinaria-associated leukoplakias have occurred in the maxillary vestibule and alveolar mucosa.
9 ml of 4% articaine HCl with 1:100,000 epinephrine by Septodent(r) were administered by one dentist using a short needle gauge 27 (Tg Ject Sterilized Disposable Dental Needles, UK) was given to all patients with the bevel facing toward the periosteum into the alveolar mucosa and the solution was deposited in one minute.
After obtaining adequate anaesthesia using Lignocaine hydrochloride 2%, two oblique beveled incisions, one on the mesial aspect and the other on the distal aspect of the recession site, to raise a trapezoidal flap followed by two vertical incisions extending into the alveolar mucosa were given.
Background: The thickness of the alveolar mucosa influences the probability of the occurrence of denture-induced irritations.
Extraosseous ameloblastomas manifest as sessile or pedunculated, slow growing mass that is confined to gingiva and alveolar mucosa with no involvement of underlying bone.
Ameloblastoma, most commonly present itself as an intraosseous lesion and rarely as a peripheral lesion in gingival or alveolar mucosa.
1) (1997) reported it in the alveolar mucosa and the palate.