ambient lighting

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ambient lighting

Light that comes from all directions. Contrast with "directional lighting," which is made up of a light source with parallel light rays that do not diminish with distance. Also, contrast with "positional lighting," in which the rays are not parallel, but diminish in intensity from the source.

Primary Light Sources
Ambient lighting comes from all directions, while directional and positional lighting come from one source. (Image courtesy of Intergraph Computer Systems.)

Ambient lighting

A form of lighting that illuminates a room in a uniform, unfocused, indirect manner. Task-ambient lighting provides both focused lighting, and general illumination at a lower level, thus conserving energy.

ambient lighting

In any given area, the general background illumination.
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Panasonic will further expand the ambient lighting business by taking advantage of know-how developed over the years in existing lighting businesses and strengths including sales networks that cover the entire country, and by producing synergy effects with Space Player-centered solutions businesses.
The report, the Global Automotive Ambient Lighting Market 2014-2018, has been prepared based on an in-depth market analysis with inputs from industry experts.
Ambient lighting can be achieved through a central light fixture in the room, while table lamps with shades can aid reading, while insertion of lamps in cabinets can highlight special items and add that extra warm homely feel.
Federal-Mogul's LED ambient lighting technology can be designed to display one or multiple colors and is easily packaged using the company's innovative light pipe, which provides a homogeneous appearance and larger areas of illumination with fewer light sources.
The newly developed Space Player realizes a new concept of "projection lighting," utilizing projected visuals for lighting to create a wide variety of ambient lighting possibilities that were previously unavailable.
AmbiBright, which automatically adjusts the display's brightness for varying ambient lighting, thereby delivering optimal viewing enjoyment and energy conservation
At Microsoft, we evaluate display contrast the way users do -- under ambient lighting rather than in total darkness," said Bert Keely, Microsoft's tablet PC expert.
shared between secretaries, and ambient lighting is used for a more comfortable and pleasant working environment.
In addition to new image-improvement features, the NEC MultiSync Professional 90-series also contains Eco-related features such as AmbiBright and Eco-mode that will manually or automatically adjust the display's brightness relative to the ambient lighting.
Raising the bar two years ago with our award-winning TSL2550 Ambient Light Sensor, TAOS recognized the need to help designers give their display panel products a competitive edge," said Glenn Lee, TAOS strategic marketing specialist for ambient lighting.
As a result, ambient lighting at the Baltimore VA reading room will be optimized using blue LED (light-emitting diode) lights for increased energy efficiency and reduced eye fatigue.

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