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4]), and when applied calcium sulfate, with ammonium sulfate following concentrations 208 kg/ha [(N[[H.
Nicosulfuron plus ammonium sulfate had the highest effect on common lambsquarters dry weight reduction (Fig.
Similarly, analysis of the sample doped with ammonium sulfate was also performed (fig.
690 g of either muriate of potash or ammonium sulfate dissolved in one litre of deionised water.
In brief, we treated plasma samples with ammonium sulfate (50% of saturation) at 4[degrees]C, and after centrifugation, we measured testosterone in supernatant by RIA after organic extraction and diatomaceous earth (Celite) purification.
The ammonium sulfate treatment appreciably enhanced the sulfur tissue content, a reasonably expected result.
On June 15, 2016, the Department of Commerce (Commerce) announced the initiation of antidumping duty (AD) and countervailing duty (CVD) investigations of imports of ammonium sulfate from the Peoples Republic of China (China).
Fertiliser company Rentech Nitrogen Partners (NYSE:RNF) reported on Monday the completion of the ammonium sulfate (AS) debottlenecking and the commissioning phase of the project at its Pasadena Facility.
By doing this repeatedly, we could concentrate the ammonia as a relatively high pH solution of ammonium sulfate," Mukhtar said.
Treatments were N form (urea, ammonium nitrate, ammonium sulfate and mixed 50:50 and mixed equally with all three fertilizer).
Afterwards, the obtained nanopowder was separated from ammonium sulfate solution and undergone some special washing processes to end up as pure magnesium oxalate nanoparticles.