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Along with mpl, the intrinsic parallel languages for MasPar's computers. AMPL and mpl are parallel variants of C. Ampl is actually now a gcc port.

["AMPL: Design, Implementation and Evaluation of a Multiprocessing Language", R. Dannenberg, CMU 1981].

["Loglan Implementation of the AMPL Message Passing System", J. Milewski SIGPLAN Notices 19(9):21-29 (Sept 1984)].

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I am not a 'Mohajir' nor belong to MQM but I am a Pakistani first , said AMPL Chief and former Chief of Army Staff General (R) Pervez Musharraf's while addressing party gathering.
Its SmartSensors communicate battery levels, internal temperatures and more to the AMPL mobile app, giving consumers the ability to monitor and control charging inside the bag without having to open a zipper.
In late 2012, AMPL got in touch with Ozonetel for deploying the cloud platform for voice communications.
Para este trabajo se diseno el modelo en AMPL [A Modeling Language for Mathematical Programming;], debido a que se obtiene un grado de independencia entre los valores, que permite que pueda tenerse un archivo de modelo maestro y correrlo con varios archivos de datos diferentes.
Each AMPL pig has its own hydraulic launch control mechanism that is designed in such a way that the next pig to be launched is only armed when the launcher has been depressurized after the previous launch, and so cannot be launched accidentally.
3 million/$4 million) fell short of the minimum profit guarantee of SGD10 million for the year that the vendors of AMPL had provided.
It is worth mentioning here that AMPL has started its election campaign ahead of the 2018 general elections and it has been decided that the party would hold public gatherings in all major cities of the country.
AMPL was established in 1954 in Mangalore as a partnership firm (converted into a private limited company in 1999) and is the authorized dealer for commercial vehicles for TML.
The conference was introduced by Professor Maher Jarrar who heads AMPL.
According to sources, Syed Pervez Ali along with Former Member of Sindh Assembly Ali Hassan Hikro met with Chief of APML Former President Pervez Musharraf at APML Secretariat Abu Dubai and announced to join the AMPL.
AMPL manufactures stainless steel flats, rounds, bars, ingots and railway sleeper moulds.
In addition, the promoters have extended financial support to AMPL in the past through unsecured loans, the agency added.