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(ăm'pyətā`shən), removal of all or part of a limb or other body part. Although amputation has been practiced for centuries, the development of sophisticated techniques for treatment and prevention of infection has greatly decreased its necessity. Surgical amputation is currently performed in cases of bone and tissue cancers, gangrene, and uncontrollable infections of the arm or leg. An amputation is performed as far above the affected area as is necessary to remove all unhealthy tissue and to leave a portion of sound tissue with which to pad the bone stump. Whenever possible amputations are performed at points on the limb that permit the fitting of prosthetic devices (see artificial limbartificial limb,
mechanical replacement for a missing limb. An artificial limb, called a prosthesis, must be light and flexible to permit easy movement, but must also be sufficiently sturdy to support the weight of the body or to manipulate objects.
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). Ceremonial amputation of finger joints has been practiced in parts of Australia and Africa in conjunction with male initiation rites. In some areas of New Guinea women have finger joints amputated to signify mourning.

What does it mean when you dream about an amputation?

Amputation has different connotations depending on the tone of the dream. When amputations do not refer to actual removal of limbs, they refer to the radical removal of something from one’s life. Positively, a dream about an amputation may refer to the removal of something that, although formerly quite close to the individual, is no longer necessary or desirable. Negatively, it may mean the abandonment of talents and powers represented by the amputated limb. Sometimes amputation may also represent a situation that one has been ignoring but which has finally reached a crisis point.


The surgical, congenital, or spontaneous removal of a limb or projecting body part.


This is a frightening dream which may be due to anxiety and fear. It suggests feelings of frustration, anger, and powerlessness on the part of the dreamer. This dream may also be related to a radical removal of something from one’s life. Some believe that you are trying to get rid of something that is no longer desirable or necessary or that the limb or the part being amputated has lost its power. According to New Age thinking, the right side of the body is usually associated with the ability to give emotionally, psychologically and physically to yourself and others, while the left is linked with the ability to receive. Carl Jung said that the left side represents the unconscious while the right indicates the conscious
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For the upper extremities, the hand is hugely more needed than the foot, so to press forward with hand or arm amputation is a lot bigger deal because of what you need them for--activities with daily living.
Amputation level is critical when trying to achieve excellent prosthetic fit and good functional outcome postoperatively.
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9m Number of Britons currently diagnosed with diabetes 590k The estimated number of British sufferers as yet undiagnosed 7,000 Number of diabetes linked amputations every year on average
The amputation of the foot indicates the thief was a major offender.
In England, a record 21,125 diabetes-related amputations were carried out between 2011 and 2014 in England - or 135 a week, around seven more a week than in previous years.
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Under Iran s Islamic law, repeat offenders face amputation of their fingers for theft, but sentences are seldom carried out, especially in public.