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see metabolismmetabolism,
sum of all biochemical processes involved in life. Two subcategories of metabolism are anabolism, the building up of complex organic molecules from simpler precursors, and catabolism, the breakdown of complex substances into simpler molecules, often accompanied by
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the aggregate of chemical processes that constitute one of the aspects of metabolism in an organism and are directed at forming the components of cells and tissues. Anabolism is interrelated with the opposite process, catabolism, since the decomposed products of various compounds can be reused in anabolism, forming new substances in different combinations. Anabolic processes, occurring in green plants with the absorption of solar energy, are of planetary significance and play a decisive role in the synthesis of organic substances from inorganic ones.


A part of metabolism involving the union of smaller molecules into larger molecules; the method of synthesis of tissue structure.


a metabolic process in which complex molecules are synthesized from simpler ones with the storage of energy; constructive metabolism
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It must be noted that this teaching tool does not categorize patients into watertight compartments catabolism or anabolism.
While inhibitors of protein synthesis can support an effective coarse-grained analysis of protein anabolism, it is more challenging to investigate protein catabolism in symbiotic corals because the product of deamination (i.
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In science, building up is known as anabolism, and tearing down is known as catabolism.
Although anabolism and catabolism in modernist poetry are not to be seen as pure categories (these two tendencies seldom intersect as they do in the modernist technique of montage), in modernism catabolic poetry occurred far more frequently and in its extreme forms (i.
Although more studies need to be carried out to make a definitive statement regarding timing of protein intake relative to exercise and its effect on muscle mass and/or strength gains, it is likely that an athlete who consumes protein (plus carbohydrate) sooner and more often after exercise would provide a better environment for anabolism based on other evidence showing that the rate of synthesis of new muscle proteins has a ceiling and that consumption of protein above a certain level would not stimulate protein synthesis further.
6), (13), (14) Intervention Directions Rationale Halt protein and fat Dextrose IV at 10 Insulin and glucose intake and replace mg/kg/min [+ or -] promote anabolism and calories with insulin to maintain inhibit glucose normoglycaemia.
Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Polyamine Levels and Polyamine Anabolism in Different Organs/Tissues of the Tobacco Plant.
The von Bertalanffy curve was the first proposed model of animal growth to be based on metabolic laws and on Putter's idea of balance between the processes of catabolism and anabolism (von Bertalanffy, 1957).
where w, t, h, and k are body weight, age, and coefficients of anabolism and catabolism, respectively.
In healthy subjects, it is well established that high-resistance strengthening exercise causes both muscle anabolism and catabolism in skeletal muscle, with a net anabolic effect (29).
Thus, its inhibition can impair the process of muscle anabolism [16] and does not acutely enhance the functional capacity both in aerobic [15], [28] and in anaerobic [34-36] activity, as well as during strength training, as suggested by the results of the present study.