component video

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component video

A color video format that maintains the three traditional YUV video signals in separate channels. Component video provides a sharper image than composite video and S-video. See YUV, composite video and S-video.

Analog Component Video
With regard to TVs, DVD players, cable boxes, receivers and related A/V equipment, component video generally refers to "analog" component video. The connection comprises three wires identified as Y, Pb and Pr (see YPbPr). Component video cables come in three-wire sets (see below), or five-wire sets, which include two more wires for analog audio.

Digital Component Video
Component video may also refer to "digital" component video (YCbCr) for digital camcorders. The connection uses one cable, typically FireWire or SDI, and is natively supported by many nonlinear video editing programs (NLEs). Digital component video is also carried over HDMI. See YCbCr and chroma subsampling.

Analog RGB
Sometimes, component video means RGB signals rather than YUV and may refer to a three-wire analog RGB cable for a studio monitor or high-end video camera. See RGB.

Analog Component Video (YPbPr)
Analog component video uses three-wire cable sets for A/V equipment. Five-wire sets bundle left and right stereo (red/white) wires in the cable.

Signal Comparison
This diagram shows how YUV is combined to make composite and S-video signals. The device (bottom) are ports from an NVIDIA video card. (Bottom image courtesy of NVIDIA Corporation.)

Signal Comparison
This diagram shows how YUV is combined to make composite and S-video signals. The device (bottom) are ports from an NVIDIA video card. (Bottom image courtesy of NVIDIA Corporation.)
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Blackmagic Design s Intensity Shuttle and Intensity Extreme offer a range of different video and audio connections depending on the model, including professional 3 Gb/s SDI, HDMI analog component video, plus includes embedded and external digital audio and analog audio.
The model even improves analog component video output thanks to 14-bit/297MHz video D/A conversion.
The TP-41 transmitter/encoder in includes an analog component video and a digital audio input, all n RCA connectors.
Revisions Address FCC STB Requirement, Analog Component Video "Sunset" Directive
This high-quality, 3U rackmountable unit contains a plethora of video connections, including SD-SDI with embedded audio, eight-channel AES/EBU, RS-422A I/O, SD reference in, sync generator, embedded TC, LTC in/out, four-channel balanced audio, and analog component video out (BNC and D-connector).
Dual, independent channels mean that it is capable of driving RGB analog component video, digital DVI 1.
Key Features Key features of the TC90700FG HDMI receiver are as follows: * Features two HDMI receiver ports (also available in a pin-compatible one-port version) * Features digital and analog component video outputs * Supports 192kHz sampling frequency for compressed and uncompressed audio * Supports all NTSC, PAL, and ATSC video formats up to 1080i * Features HDCP 1.
today announced DeckLink HD Studio, the world's first capture and playback card to support both HDMI and analog component video, is now available to customers worldwide.
It is the first true all-format video decoder that digitizes baseband analog component video and PC graphics into digital component video and integrates a decoder for composite and S-Video input.
Consumer high-definition television (HDTV) and PC video applications will benefit from the industry's first triple digital-to-analog converters (DACs) that produce the complete range of analog component video and PC graphics (VESA) formats.
While analog component video is currently the most prevalent input connection for high-end video, HDMI is rapidly becoming the preferred technology for connecting high definition video and audio devices," said Jeff Volpe, vice president of marketing, ViewSonic Americas.
3-volt THS8083 has three eight-bit ADC channels capable of digitizing all 18 ATSC digital TV analog component video formats, including 1080I and 720P, and PC graphics formats up to the popular XGA (1024x768) resolution.