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The aAM3116 ultra low-power CMOS analog multiplexer is sampling now in a 24-lead QFN package, with volume production planned for end of Q1 2004.
The options are relays, multiplexers and demultiplexers, analog multiplexers or FPGA devices.
Analog switches, analog multiplexers, and low-power transistors are fabricated by subcontractors in Dresden, Germany and in Beijing, China.
Many more devices are now in the process of being qualified, including analog switches, analog multiplexers, A-to-D and D-to-A converters, voltage converters/references and a variety of other key Maxim-based products.
Intended for use in precision instrumentation, Vishay, Intertechnology's DG Series of analog multiplexers and switches have leakage currents ranging from 0.
While the 42 cameras distributed among the primary and in termediate schools feed into SecureLink, they also transmit through analog multiplexers to time-lapse recorders.
For design engineers across the globe, Mouser's agreement with Intersil means faster access to Intersil's newest amplifiers, power modules, analog multiplexers, FET drivers, PWM controllers, interface ICs, switches and video ICs.
Siliconix is a leading manufacturer of power MOSFETs, power ICs, analog switches, and analog multiplexers for computers, cell phones, fixed communications networks, automobiles, and other consumer and industrial electronic systems.