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The DAQ1000 module expands a VINT hub to have eight additional analog ports for reading sensors, and the TMP1200 is an adapter for platinum RTDs.
The scope of the system is about 800 IP phones and 48 analog ports.
Hariharan Iyer, Country Head India & SAARC Nations, Donjin Communications said, " Keygoe1001, supports a combination of both digital and analog ports and allows a dynamic configuration of analog trunks and stations, building in different CPS boards so as to cater to the needs of small and medium business requirement.
SkyWave's IDP 600 series of all-weather data terminals include integrated GPS, as well as digital and analog ports for connecting sensors to relay data such as fuel levels, engine temperature and speed.
In June, Patton announced reduced pricing on SmartNode(TM) 4110 VoIP Gateways with 2 to 8 analog ports.
The gateways connect to analog ports on telephony gear using no, four or eight FXS or FXO interfaces, connect to an IP network using a 10/100BaseT interface, include an RS-232 command port, are controlled via Web browser, and are flash upgradeable.
A service provider can connect the ATS solution which supports two analog ports with Rj-11 interfaces to any U.
The basic system comes standard with four Central Office (CO) line ports, eight digital station ports and two analog ports and can grow to a maximum of 12 CO lines, 24 digital stations and two analog ports.
In addition, the unit supports up to three analog ports that can he used for connecting conventional analog devices such as telephones and fax machines.
The HX8 Series cards support 1-8 analog ports, 4-8 BRI ports, or a hybrid of the two with 4 BRI and 1-4 analog FXS or FXO ports.
Bichefsky further explained, "The 2U VQuad[TM] HD FXO System incorporates two embedded Single Board Computers (SBCs), each running latest VQuad[TM] software, along with 12 Dual UTA HD units supporting a total 24 FXO Analog ports.