analog video

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analog video

The original video recording method that stores continuous waves of red, green and blue intensities. In analog video, the number of rows is fixed. There are no real columns, and the maximum detail is determined by the frequency response of the analog system.

VHS and Basic Cable
The term is often used to refer to VHS videotapes, non-digital broadcast TV and non-digital cable TV. Contrast with digital video. See analog camera, raster and video format.

Analog Video Connections
Composite, S-Video and component video are the three types of analog video connections found on A/V equipment. For more details, see composite video, S-Video and component video.
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Availability The TW9984 four-channel analog video decoder and encoder is available now in a 10mm x 10mm, WQFN package and is priced at $5.
High-data-rate digital and analog video testing was performed to evaluate the system performance difference between backbone single-mode fiber cables terminated with NENP SC connectors and fusion-spliced factory-polished SC connector pigtails.
Another way to capture analog video is with a specialized capture device.
In addition to supporting all popular DV and analog video equipment, ADVC55 is compatible with leading editing and DVD authoring applications, including Canopus EDIUS, Canopus Let's EDIT, Final Cut Pro, Avid Xpress DV, Adobe Premiere Pro, Vegas, Pinnacle Edition, Ulead MediaStudio Pro, and Windows Movie Maker.
Techwell designs both general purpose and application specific products that enable the conversion of analog video signals to digital form and perform advanced digital video processing to facilitate the display, storage and transport of video content.
Q-Master has both digital video and analog video interfaces and uses an industry proven objective perceptual video quality algorithm.
Preserving Analog Videos and Creating Movies for the Web
IP camera technology enables a greater camera deployment per system as you are no longer limited by the 8 or 16 analog video input ports," explained Integrian CTO Brad Silvernail.
Compelling HD images and multichannel audio require a full understanding of the analog video and audio signal chains," said John Hussey, vice president of High Speed Signal Processing, Analog Devices.
The systems purchased by Cebridge (which now operates as Suddenlink Communications) serve approximately 242,600 analog video customers, and those purchased by New Wave serve approximately 75,200 analog video customers.
Request for Proposals: Qualified control room video system vendor to remove and replace the existing advanced traffic management system video wall, provide a digital video management system, and upgrade the existing analog video streams to ip video.

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