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We theorize that rhabdomyosarcoma anaplasia leads to an immature skeletal muscle phenotype that may cause false-positive biochemical testing for MI, secondary to expression of CK-MB and cTnT.
However, it seems unlikely that Broders would have been aware of observations published in the German gynecology literature, since, as stated above, Broders did not have familiarity with the German literature on anaplasia.
Nuclear anaplasia can be seen, but mitotic figures are rare.
15) Not clear is whether or not degrees of anaplasia or focal regions of anaplasia in a small biopsy sample are of prognostic significance in this age group.
An inflammatory pseudotumor can be defined as a localized mass made up of a fibrous stroma and chronic inflammatory infiltrates with a predominance of plasma cells or histiocytes and an absence of anaplasia and mitotic figures.
4) Studies prior to the 2000 World Health Organization (WHO) classification scheme have considered brain invasion as a criterion for anaplasia.
It is unclear if the epithelial component originates in uncommitted duct reserve cells or in differentiated duct cells that have undergone anaplasia (dedifferentiation).
Epithelioid angiomyolipomas may exhibit necrosis, nuclear anaplasia, mitotic activity, and infiltration of perirenal fat tissue.
The five main grading parameters are (1) the proportions of cystic and solid elements, (2) the presence or absence of neural invasion, (3) the presence or absence of necrosis, (4) the mitotic rate, and (5) the presence or absence of cellular anaplasia.
Genomic gains and losses are similar in genetic and histologic subsets of rhabdomyosarcoma, whereas amplification predominates in embryonal with anaplasia and alveolar subtypes.
Malignant peripheral nerve-sheath tumors are more cellular, their cells exhibit frank anaplasia, they feature numerous mitotic figures (usually >10/10 hpf), and they are less differentiated than cellular schwannomas.
The nuclei approximate the size of adjacent keratinocyte nuclei; however, marked cellular pleomorphism and anaplasia of melanocytes are not present.