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From its origin, it follows a descending and oblique path toward the anterior at the level of the medial axillary line, extending to the sixth intercostal space where anastomose with the intercostal arteries of the sixth intercostal space, generating an intermediate longitudinal vascular axis for this vessel in the same manner as observed in the right side.
Before laser ablation, a very thorough mapping of vascular anastomoses must be done by the surgeon.
8) Despite the importance of venous drainage, one case describes a successful macrosurgical reattachment without venous anastomoses.
So for the assessment of traumatic and entrapment lesions of median and ulnar nerves, it is important to have the knowledge of these anastomoses.
Blood transfusion impairs the healing of experimental intestinal anastomoses.
All the anastomoses were carried out by senior post graduate medical resident or consultant.
Excessive collateral flow is a challenge during administration and maintenance of cardioplegia and coronary anastomoses in these patients (3-5).
Experiment on applying of intestinal anastomoses using frame metal ring," Biological journal of Uzbekistan [Biologicheskiy Zhurnal Uzbekistana], in Russian, No.