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A surgical communication made between blood vessels, for example, between the portal vein and the inferior vena cava.
An opening created by surgery, trauma, or disease between two or more normally separate spaces or organs.
(science and technology)
The union or intercommunication of parts or branches, such as blood vessels, streams, or leaf veins. Also known as inosculation.
A network of parts or branches created by the process of anastomosis.



in animals, connections between nerves, muscles, and blood or lymphatic vessels. Anastomoses between arteries and veins, without the formation of capillary networks—that is, arteriovenous anastomoses—are of importance in regulating the blood supply of organs. In clinical practice, anastomosis is the name given to a connection between tubular organs which is artificial or has arisen as a consequence of disease. In higher plants, anastomosis is the connecting of tubular structures—for example, veins in leaves and branchings of latex vessels. In fungi, anastomosis is the connecting or concresence of two mycelium hyphae with the establishing of intercommunication between them. This occurs with an insufficiency of food and plays a role in the formation of diploid mycelium and the heterokaryon of haploid mycelium, since the cell nuclei move from one cell into another through the anastomoses.

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These included 3 biliary strictures (1 surgically revised and 2 successfully managed with percutaneous stents), 1 symptomatic portal venous anastomotic stenosis managed by percutaneous dilatation and subsequent stenting, 1 adhesive bowel obstruction, 1 phrenic nerve palsy requiring thoracoscopic plication, 1 intrahepatic arteriovenous fistula post percutaneous liver biopsy (also successfully managed by embolisation of the arterial component) and 1 HAT.
Anastomotic stricture--The surgically created gastrojejunostomy stoma usually has a diameter of approximately 1 to 2 cm, yet stenosis can occur.
For strictures measuring 2 to 4 cm, we used an excisional augmented anastomotic urethroplasty.
1: Algorithm for the management vesicourethral anastomotic stricture.
1: 1: Excision and primary anastomosis; 2: Buccal mucosal graft urethroplasty; 3: Augmented anastomotic urethroplasty; 4: Flap; 5: Flaps +/− Grafts.
Intraoperative adverse events (shearing of urethra or bladder neck, need for revision of VUA tension or placement of additional sutures) and postoperative complications (development of postoperative retention following catheter removal on postoperative day 4 to 5, urinoma formation and anastomotic strictures) were recorded.
Six patients developed hydronephrosis, most commonly due to uretero-intestinal anastomotic stricture.
However, superobese males--those with a BMI of 50 or more--and those with an anastomotic leak had the greatest incidence of PE (4% in each group).
include statistically significant data showing GORE SEAMGUARD([R]) Bioabsorbable Staple Line Reinforcement, now configured for circular staplers, reduces anastomotic stricture rate, as well as trends toward anastomotic bleeding and leak rates, in bariatric surgery.
designs and manufactures automated anastomotic devices used by surgeons to perform coronary artery bypass (CABG) surgery for both on- and off- pump CABG procedures.
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to study Sylys Surgical Sealant as an adjunct to standard closure techniques for the reinforcement and protection of anastomotic junctions in gastrointestinal surgical procedures.
The researchers identified 44 anastomotic leaks during the 2-year study, said Dr.