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At the Church of St Mary and St Cuthbert in Chester-le-Street on the Wear is Anker's House Museum, a tiny space which from 1383 to 1547 was the dwelling place of an Anchorite, or hermit.
We know little of this enigmatic figure-of his motivations or distinct practices-but he has clearly chosen the life of an anchorite for the silence and pursuit of wisdom.
There is so little autobiography in Julian's texts that many speculate about whether she was a nun (probably not) before becoming an anchorite.
The fantasy dominating the anchorite who is prey of acedia seems to allude to the wish to meet as early as possible the human beings he shares his life with and to the obvious experience of frustration enforced by the rigid rules of the coenobium.
Before La Barbera's canvas, Rosalie had been represented only sporadically and in groups, including a stiff 13th-century Italo-Byzantine icon in which she and fellow patron saints Elias and Venera are outranked (and outsized) by the then favourite Saint Olivia; a handful of mostly quattrocento Pisan sacre conversazioni in which she usually appears in fashionable pink gowns (Pisa enjoyed trade with Palermo); and some cinquecento Sicilian panels that sometimes dressed her as a Franciscan in deference to a group of Franciscan anchorites called the Romiti di Montepellegrino, who began living in huts around her cave.
Mystical union is at the heart of all religion but Durrell derides not only the more conventional examples--Holy Communion, for example-but ignores the cenobite and anchorite tradition of which Egypt was the birthplace in the Western world.
Boccaccio draws elements from anchorite stories to complete his portrait of Beritola's wild exile, including life in a cave, the presence of deer and the prominent role of lactation.
Julian's church in Norwich, where she lived as an anchorite.
It seems clear to all readers of Poe's correspondence with literary and also flirtatious ladies before and after Virginia's death that Poe's earthly existence was limited to the sexual practice of an anchorite.
There are dancing Indian eunuchs here as well as anchorite.
No category of woman--nun, anchorite, or lay--shared a common set of cultural assumptions and symbols across centuries.