and control

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care, custody, and control

Describes a standard exclusion in liability insurance policies. Under this exclusion, the liability insurance does not apply to damage to property in the care or custody of the insured, or to damage to property over which the insured is for any purpose exercising physical control.
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This type of integrated solution gives customers the option to deploy any combination of technologies needed to meet their particular needs, while still benefiting from the security, high-performance, and command and control that you would expect from an Enterasys routing solution.
The X-Pedition ER16 is a 16 slot, modular Layer 3 router that provides outstanding capacity, performance and a complete set of application services, enabling corporate networks and e-businesses to optimize and control their networks to meet critical business goals.
Equally as important will be Remote Copy, which allows replication of critical data at a remote site, and ADSTAR Distributed Storage Manager, which offers an automated process to ensure backup and control data assets.