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(computer science)
Removal or deletion usually of insignificant digits in a number, especially zero suppression.
Optional function in either on-line or off-line printing devices that permits them to ignore certain characters or groups of characters which may be transmitted through them.
Elimination of any component of an emission, as a particular frequency or group of frequencies in an audio-frequency of a radio-frequency signal.



in genetics, a phenomenon that prevents the appearance of a character resulting from mutation and that causes partial or complete restoration of the normal phenotype.

Intragenic suppression is caused by a second (suppressor) mutation in the same gene in which the first (direct) mutation occurred. Intergenic suppression is caused by a second mutation in other genes that are located at a considerable distance from the suppressed gene. In intragenic suppression, a protein coded by a given gene can reacquire functional activity, although its original structure, in contrast to true reverse mutation, or reversion, is not restored. In intergenic suppression, the normal phenotype may be restored in some cases owing to mutations that permit other means of metabolism which do not require the functioning of the given gene. In other cases, the normal phenotype may be restored as a result of mutations that alter the process by which the genetic information of the mutant gene is realized.

The phenomenon of suppression, first discovered in 1920 by the American geneticist A. H. Sturtevant, is used to study the genetic code and other aspects of molecular genetics.


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3] In addition to the overt manifestations of androgen suppression, fundamental aspects of endocrine balance are altered through increased fat mass, which contributes to chronic comorbidities and may facilitate tumour progression.
The concept of similar efficacy between the two methods of androgen suppression has been challenged on the basis that an escape phenomenon occurs in some men treated with gonadotropin agonists and this results in an elevation of serum testosterone above castrate levels, potentially leading to unsatisfactory tumor control.
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