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Aa, in European place names


(ä) [from a word for "water" of the same Indo-European root as Lat. aqua], name of many small streams of N Europe and Switzerland. Aa, or a derivative of it, is a component part of hundreds of European place names.

aa, type of lava


(ä`ä): see lavalava
, molten rock that erupts on the earth's surface, either on land or under the ocean, by a volcano or through a fissure. It solidifies into igneous rock that is also called lava.
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Abbr. for the “Architectural Association, ” the largest school of architecture in England; address 34–36 Bedford Square, London, WC1B 3ES.


(1) (Auto Answer) See modem.

(2) (Double A) A common single-cell battery used in myriad devices from flashlights to electronic equipment of all variety. Like its triple A (AAA) cousin, it provides 1.5 volts of DC power. When used in series, the voltage is multiplied. For example, four AA batteries yield 6 volts.
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The Sheridan National Allied Health Scholarship annually awards individual $5,000 scholarships to one student registered nurse anesthetist and one anesthesiologist assistant student enrolled in accredited anesthesiology programs throughout the country.
NSU is the only university in Florida to offer students an anesthesiologist assistant program.
CRNAs, Anesthesiologist Assistants, Pharmacy Technicians, Diabetes Educators SEA 233:
The American Academy of Anesthesiologist Assistants
HB1332 Anesthesiologist Assistants, which CNA and the Colorado Association of Nurse Anesthetists opposed, also passed.