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see Anglo-SaxonsAnglo-Saxons,
name given to the Germanic-speaking peoples who settled in England after the decline of Roman rule there. They were first invited by the Celtic King Vortigern, who needed help fighting the Picts and Scots. The Angles (Lat.
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an ancient Germanic tribe, mentioned by Tacitus and Ptolemy. In the fourth and early fifth centuries the Angles lived in the south of the Jutland Peninsula. In the fifth and sixth centuries they took part in the Anglo-Saxon conquest of Britain, where they formed the kingdoms of Mer-cia, East Anglia, and Northumbria. Part of the country they conquered was later called England, after the name of the Angles. The Angles constituted one of the elements of the Anglo-Saxon ethnic group that was formed in the seventh to tenth centuries. It is believed that the Angles who remained on the continent merged with the Danes.

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It was really curious to note in cases of difficulty, as when two pieces of comb met at an angle, how often the bees would entirely pull down and rebuild in different ways the same cell, sometimes recurring to a shape which they had at first rejected.
In the patients with class I and III a positive correlation between angles NS/OPT and SNB was found, which was not statistically significant (r = 0.
To know the recent methodology & their by attempt to evaluate the range of normal angles of femora & their sex differences.
Since there are three vertices, there are three angles formed and hence the name triangle.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Set of clamp angles of air brake pipe line consisting of 8 items as under.
Researchers from Harvard School of Public Health, Microsoft Corporation, and Brigham and Women's Hospital report that head and neck posture during tablet computer use can be improved by placing the tablet higher to avoid low gaze angles, and through the use of a case that provides optimal viewing angles.
A prospective randomized controlled study was undertaken in 25 patients of occludable angles/closed angles cataract (age [greater than or equal to] 40 years) and 25 patients with open angle cataract to elucidate the anterior segment changes after phacoemulsification and foldable intraocular lens implantation (IOL) using UBM.
DELTA]APB is in the horizontal plane of the field, at right angles to the plane containing A, B and the goalposts--or in a parallel plane when P is above the playing surface;
Having narrow angles does increase the risk of developing angle closure glaucoma.
Without compensation for angle, arrows will hit high on downward and upward shots, and point of impact can change dramatically at severe angles.
We see various angles in our daily lives, however, we are usually unconscious of their appearances.