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the purpose of this contract is to monitor the bacteriological quality of bathing waters and natural habitats in the basque coast, Concerning the municipalities of anglet, Biarritz, Bidart, Guthary, Saint-jean-de-france luz, Ciboure, Hendaye and saint-pee-sur-nivelle.
SERE acquired the grocery retail assets, in Biarritz and Anglet, in June 2016 by way of a joint venture, acquiring 70% of the investments and the vendor Mercialys, a subsidiary of Casino Group, retaining a 30% interest.
In this sequel to Steeplejack (Macmillan, 2016), Anglet helps politician Josiah Willinghouse locate a stolen plan for a secret weapon.
Anglet Sutonga, 17, is the only female steeplejack in a large, seemingly South African city in the past.
Anglet Sutonga is a steeplejack, one of the best climbers the city of Bar-Selehm has ever seen.
com)-- Founded in autumn 2015 by Jens Reichhart and Philipp Klupfel, WeGlobalize is an International Business Development Agency with offices in Berlin, Germany and Anglet, France.
1) Ifremer, Laboratoire Ressources Halieutiques Aquitaine, FED 4155 MIRA, 1 Allee clu Parc Montaury, 64600 Anglet, France; (2) UNIV PAU & PA YS ADOUR, Laboratoire de Mathematiques et de Leurs Applications de Pau, UMR CNRS 5142, FED 4155 MIRA, 64000 Pan, France; (3) UNIV PAU & PAYS ADOUR, Laboratoire Informatique de l'Universite de Pau et des Pays de l'Adour, 40004 Mont de Marsan, France; (4) UNIV PAU & PAYS ADOUR, UMR ECOBIOP, FED 4155 MIRA, 1, Allee du Parc Montaury, 64600 Anglet, France
On 5 February, the Luno, a cargo ship flying the Spanish flag, ran aground on the Basque coast in Anglet, France, as a result of engine failure.
FRANCE A helicopter lowers a rescue worker toward a Spanish cargo ship that slammed into a jetty in choppy Atlantic Ocean waters off Anglet, southwestern France, yesterday.
The Teesside pair were selected to play for Team GB in Anglet, France this week after impressing in a series of squad practice sessions since competing at the Carl Topping tournament in January.
A field that included past and present champions and skilled players in all disciplines of handball showed up at Sea Side Park to compete for cash prizes, huge cups and an all-expense trip to the 2011 pro-stop in Anglet, France.